Selected Projects (beta)

Homebrew flash triggers using xBee radios
Word clock from cheapo photo frame
Ferrous Wheel
Noisy Hat
Nikon Camera Intervalometer
Controlling a clock with an Arduino
LED people
‘Physical’ drum loop machine
An external input for a factory stereo
Terrorism Threat Level Alerter!

RSS Invaders
Sideways Tetris
Rotary dialer app
Python LCD driver

Lemon Cello
The Salvation Arm
Intersection (self portrait)

2 Responses to Selected Projects (beta)

  1. scott says:

    Hey, Mahto, what software did you have to get for Linux to run the wiimote whiteboard?

  2. mahto says:

    Hi Scott,

    I am running Ubuntu 7.04, using a Kensington bluetooth dongle, the Wiimote drivers and the electronic whiteboard app.

    I have a little post about it here:

    I guess this page is really out of date!

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