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Keyboard buzzer to replace console bell

+ = ? The Idea Being a console junky, I am always looking for ways to improve my experience at the terminal. One thing that is is dire need of improvement is the console bell. You know, the really annoying … Continue reading

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FSF Loot

Whats geekier than a stuffed penguin on your desk? How about a stuffed gnu!

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Fishfish Proof of Concept

Yesterday, I challenged myself to build a demo of our Fishfish game in a single night. At some undisclosed hour, I finished up with this: You can move the player fish around, and ‘eat’ the smaller fish, and the shark … Continue reading

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Lucky Find!

My friend Shaun helped me to rescue this beast from the curbside this afternoon. After verifying that it worked, I of course had to take the top off to see what was inside… It turns out to be not much. … Continue reading

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Ok, she is just yawning.

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