Lucky Find!

My friend Shaun helped me to rescue this beast from the curbside this afternoon. After verifying that it worked, I of course had to take the top off to see what was inside… It turns out to be not much. The circuits look totally hackable (full-res pictures below). My first instinct is to turn it into a MIDI keyboard (alas, one without velocity measurements). I have a couple of boards left over from my laser harp project which would be perfect for just that. Any better ideas?
Sweet find
Back view Ampilifer board Pedal spring action Overhead view, with brains exposed

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4 Responses to Lucky Find!

  1. Becky says:

    But, but, it’s blocking your scotch collection!

  2. Alex says:

    You should use it as a control panel for your apartment!
    Lights, audio equipment, videogames, etc.
    Also, if you play a certain song in a certain key, the thing slides to the side to grant access to your secret booze vault.

  3. mahto says:

    @becky: ah, but all the top shelf stuff is… well, on the top shelf, still accessible.

    @alex: love the idea! As mentioned, the MIDI conversion should be good for that.

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