Rotary dialer app

This is a bit of an overextension of the phone interface metaphore… This is really rough code for now, but I wanted to show something. Code (in python using pygtk) is here. Wait till you see the mail application, where you have to drag an envelope cutter over each message to be able to read it…

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6 Responses to Rotary dialer app

  1. shul says:

    Cool! does it vibrate with each step or just when it gets to the nob ?

  2. OpenMitko says:

    AWESOME !!! Great work . A lot of fun here …

  3. mahto says:


    @shul: It vibrates with each step, kind of like a real rotary phone clicks.

  4. I’ve taken the liberty of fixing a few notable bugs for you; if you have Bazaar, you can branch (or merge from) my repository, e.g.:

    bzr branch

    Otherwise, please accept this unified diff:

    I’m assuming that this is OK, though you didn’t actually supply a copy-license….

  5. mahto says:

    Awesome, thanks Joshua! The changes are certainly welcome. I meant to release this program as public domain, any chance I can apply your patches if I do that?

  6. Sure–I’m not sure the patch is significant enough for it to matter, but the patch is hereby released into the public domain.

    Enjoy! :)

    By the way–in case you haven’t noticed yet, this page is linked from the Wishlist section of the wiki (under “Rotary Dialer”).

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