Thing-a-day, Day 20: Dissecting Stepper Motors

My friend gave me some stepper motors today, so my project tonight was to take one apart and find out how it worked. I chose the one that had 5 wires, and traced out a wiring schematic. It turns out to be a 5-phase stepper motor! I am eager to test it out, but first I need to order some H-bridge parts so that I can control it.

5-wire stepper motor stator 5-wire stepper motor schematic 5-wire stepper motor parts

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3 Responses to Thing-a-day, Day 20: Dissecting Stepper Motors

  1. *Order* an H-bridge? I made one myself last night from raw transistors. Well…I think I did. I made an H-bridge simulator anyway. It only lights LEDs so far. Also, I’ll probably blow out the transistors since I don’t know how to read the datasheet well enough to see what max current they’ll take.

  2. mahto says:

    Yeah, just order :-). I figure, they are widely available so I might as well make use of them. I’m also throwing in a bunch of monolithic transistors in case I feel the need to build one instead.

  3. mahto says:

    @desiredusername: I ended up choosing the ST L298 drivers, in the leaded package. I also picked up some power FETs.

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