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October Thing-a-day, Day 17: Monster lamp

Todays project uses both sides of a lampshade to make an image that changes when you turn the light on. Spooky! Move your mouse over the image to see what happens! Note: If you don’t see a change, the second … Continue reading

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October Thing-a-day, Day 16: Phoenix DIY Meeting

We had our 9th meeting on October 28th. Both presenters gave excellent talks, and I had a great time. Unfortunately, I forgot to bring my camera so I don’t have any pictures. It counts as a thing-a-day because I helped … Continue reading

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October Thing-a-day, Day 14: Assembling an Arduino Clone

I spent most of the day recovering from a cold, but managed to get this board assembled and tested today. This is the Bare Bones Board from Modern Devices. To make a stop motion video from a set of images: … Continue reading

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October Thing-a-day, Day 13: Noisy Hat

What could be better than having a little instrument with you all the time, hidden in your hat? Insiders Tip: Don’t take this to the airport. The inspiration for this project came while on the long road trip to Austin … Continue reading

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October Thing-a-day, Day 12: Flash Reflector-Diffuser

Note: October was a horrible choice for a thing-a-day project, what with the Maker Faire and all. I’ll get 31 projects in by re-starting today. Sick of getting an ugly, harsh light when you take pictures using a flash? Tired … Continue reading

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October Thing-a-day, Day 11: Cat-leidoscope

I remember reading in some book about how to make a giant kaleidoscope out of cardboard and tinfoil, but since mirrors are pretty cheap, I just used those instead. Now I really want to watch some Busby Berkeley films…

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October Thing-a-day, Day 10: Time-lapse video

I’m still working on the second part of the intervalometer (translation: putting it off until I figure out a more intelligent way to make the menus), but here is a video I made to prove that the concept works: Note: … Continue reading

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