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Repairing the laser harp

In preparation for the Ann Arbor Mini Maker Faire and upcoming Make: PGH meeting, I took a look at my laser harp to figure out why many of the channels were no longer functioning correctly. My design basically consists of … Continue reading

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Controlling a tiny 7-segment display

As I was leaving the shop this evening (morning?), I noticed this neat, tiny display thingie in one of the drawers I was returning components to. It had what looked like a row of tiny 7-segment LED displays on it, … Continue reading

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East coast tour!

I’m finally back from my east and west travel adventures. Thanks to everyone who took the time to show me around and share their thoughts with me! I had a great time checking out the ITP Spring Show, Alpha One … Continue reading

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The “5 minute” agitator

This is why Arduino is awesome: 5 minutes, some junk, instant PCB etching agitator! Confused about whats going on here? Basically Matt Stultz, my fellow cohort at Hack Pittsburgh, was etching a custom PCB breakout board and got tired of … Continue reading

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Controlling a Rigol oscilloscope using Linux and Python

After many frustrated nights trying to debug electronics projects blindly (the analog scope is wayyyy too much work to pull off the shelf and use), I decided it was time to spring for a digital storage oscilloscope. Since I had … Continue reading

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Homebrew flash triggers using xBee radios

A year and a half ago, I started dabbling with using off-camera flash units, in order to exact better control over the lighting in my photographs. Of course, to do this, I had to invest in some equipment. I was … Continue reading

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RSS Invaders: A novel approach to managing information overload in syndicated feed readers

At SIGBOVIK, the annual conference held in honor of Harry Q. Bovik, I presented the latest research by myself and my esteemed colleague Marty McGuire in the area of optimizing the way in which we consume content. The result, as … Continue reading

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