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Things that are technical in nature

StickyMan, a thought experiment in manipulating gravity

I developed StickyMan (source here ), a quickie game idea during the Baltimore Hackathon a few months ago. The question I wanted to answer was, “What if Lode Runner got stuck in an Escher painting?”. The idea is that gravity … Continue reading

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Making gradients in Processing using OpenGL

I’ve been working on a display project using Processing, and wanted to add some linear gradients and fuzzed edges to make the display look a bit nicer. The example linear and radial gradient functions work ok, but are somewhat processor … Continue reading

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Turn a Chumby into a tiny internet kiosk

In a quest to earn a fine bottle of scotch (and help my friend Marty out with a project), I modified the Chumby web browser to be a full-screen kiosk. To make it work, just grab this file, unzip the … Continue reading

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The One-Hour Coasterbot

Gareth just finished a Make: Projects version of the one-hour coasterbot build that I created for a contest last year. Thanks, Gareth!

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Salt & Pepper Creature (Work in Progress)

I’m working on a three part, printable model (top, bottom, actuator arm) that can be made into a little electronic puppet by adding a cheap servo and snapping it together. It’s an adaptation of DesignGlut’s Salt and Pepper Shakers. Model … Continue reading

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Physical build progress meter for 3d printer

Yesterday I made this progress meter attachment for the 3d printer that I have at work, that rotates to show me how far along my print is: Love 3d printing with your Thing-o-Matic, but wish there were a better way … Continue reading

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10 minute project: Traffic counter for router

I’ve been joking about making a new case for my wireless router for a long time. The idea was that that would be shaped like a McDonalds store, with a little sign out front that says how many billion bytes … Continue reading

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