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Keepon head hat

Keepon came to visit the Botcave last week, so I made him a hat that looks like his own head.

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Physical build progress meter for 3d printer

Yesterday I made this progress meter attachment for the 3d printer that I have at work, that rotates to show me how far along my print is: Love 3d printing with your Thing-o-Matic, but wish there were a better way … Continue reading

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Toilet paper roll holder

Today I designed a toilet paper roll holder: Tired of having to hunt for that roll of soft tissue every time you do your business? If only there were a fashionable hook upon which you could place this precious velvet! … Continue reading

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There was a time when the gangsta ruled the botcave. Models were downloaded, plastic was melted and re-formed, the gangsta represented, and all was rosy and cheerful. Those days are over. The snakesta is here to stay. I designed this … Continue reading

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Cupcake stand

I love this hyperboloid design. The cupcake was pretty good, too!

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Spoon Organ

Everyone likes Spoon Organ! Spoon Organ is an instrument that I created to show at the Make Tokyo Meeting 06 this past weekend. The user can play musical tunes simply by touching a row of spoons sitting on a table, … Continue reading

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Defend the galaxy from Nick Normal in this epic space battle! Hastily made using this and this. Available for Linux, OS X, and Windows, or grab the source.

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