I sold my first kit!

On Wednesday, I took a big step into the world of kit making, when I designed and sold my first product! This one is called the ‘D.I.Y. Cow Kit’, and was purchased by Drew Fustini of PS1. Thanks, Drew!

Unfortunately, this kit was sold as an edition of 1, so I am already out of stock. However, you can still purchase a poster, or contact me if you would like a special kit commissioned just for you!

Thanks also to the fine folks at CCCKC, who provided the papercraft cow substrate that I ‘hacked’ to design my kit.

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3 Responses to I sold my first kit!

  1. Robin J. says:

    I don’t know Matt, that big blue shinny eye is giving me the goosebumps. I think if I went to sleep I would wake up with it staring at me two inches from my face thinking evil cow thoughts.

  2. Mark says:

    I glad to see that you are putting your $90,000 education to good use. Just think how many starving pigmy children we could have fed.
    Can you make one with big brown eyes (eye) with the cuts of meat depicted on it’s side? For Bryan and your Mom.

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