Moving to a new host provider

[image: My former neighbors, that I left behind during my move from Phoenix to Pittsburgh. My neighbors at 1&1 aren't as smelly, however I won't miss them as much as my cow friends]

After 5 years at 1&1, I’m moving over to a shiny new account at pair Networks. I’ve put in for the domain to be transferred to my new domain host, and once that goes through I will make a final backup of the site here and switch the nameserver over to my new host. This should hopefully happen transparently within the next week.

I don’t anticipate any issues, but this will affect my email server as well. If something does happen and you need to contact me, I can be reached at matt.mets on gmail, or via twitter.

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2 Responses to Moving to a new host provider

  1. Robin J. says:

    Hey Matt, I have something to tell you. I really, really like your cows. :) And more importantly, are those Belted Galloways to the left and right of the sweet looking red one. Because if those are Belted Galloways I may have to run around screaming with glee because I LOVE them! Lastly, where the heck did you live where the cows had grass to laze around in? I only remember the dirt cow lots with the dirty cows and the cow pie smell in my nose.

    • mahto says:

      Oh, thanks! I’m not sure what kind they are, I never actually spoke to their owner.

      These guys were living off of the park across from my apartment at Price & Ray, on this really long, skinny pasture behind some houses. It was just the three of them, so they didn’t smell too bad except when the farmer flooded the fields. Here’s an overhead view of the pasture:

      View Larger Map

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