Things in my kitchen

Things in my kitchen

Made with montage:

montage +frame +shadow +label -tile 10x8 -borderwidth 1 -background white -bordercolor white -geometry 200x133 *.jpg stuff.jpg
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5 Responses to Things in my kitchen

  1. Susan says:

    1.Laboratory or kitchen?? Or kitchen laboratory?

    2.Every one is sure you are a bachelor now from the

  2. mahto says:

    1. I try to keep the noxious chemicals in another room, but more or less a kitchen laboratory :-D.

    2. Yeah, that is true… but i can cook some mean dishes!

  3. Robin says:

    Slow rainy day? Is this why it took you so long to post? I like it though. It’s pretty funny.

  4. mahto says:

    Thanks Robin! Yeah, I started spending all of my blogging energy writing for MAKE ( ), so thats my best excuse for not posting here more. I will start again at some point here- my project for the Children’s Museum is almost finished, and after that I have a bunch of ideas for things that need to be made and documented.

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