Come and learn about Soft Circuits!

Becky Stern's Soft Circuit Embroidery Workshop @ SMoCA
Now, I know you all are just itching to pay me* to teach you stuff, so here is your chance! I’m co-teaching an introductory Soft Circuits workshop with Elizabeth Perry next month on Saturday, November 14th, so be sure to be there! Tickets are available now for the low low price of $40 ($30 for HackPGH members), which even includes materials! Take advantage of this sweet offer before I become famous and charge you $1000 just for a signature!

We will be making a light-up cuff bracelet using industrial felt, batteries and LEDs, with a button for a switch. No previous experience with sewing, electronics, computing, or soldering is needed. It’s guaranteed** to be a fun time!

*Actually, all proceeds go to making Hack Pittsburgh an awesome place to be, but if you want you can also buy me a book or something.
**Guaranteed by design!

[photo above is by me, of a workshop held by Becky Stern]

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