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I switched to this other theme for the time being, because the modified one was rather broken in IE6. I rather liked the other one, so I will hopefully find some time to figure out what was the problem. The theme I had based it off of also appears to be behaving poorly in IE6, so I’m not sure its directly my doing.

By the way, if you are doing web development on a non-windows pc, you might be interested in this site:
which lets you preview how the page will render in IE6 or IE7 (seen on lifehacker.com).

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6 Responses to Old theme

  1. Thommy says:

    I like this theme more :)

  2. mahto says:

    Thanks! I’m starting to dig the expanded layout. I just want to change the banner image now!

  3. Shannon says:

    Thanks for the link to that browser rendererer..rer… Very useful, though most of the time I just plug my ears and repeat to myself ‘Who cares what IE users see!’ over and over again… Or the other option is to just redirect them all to BrowseHappy.com. :P

  4. Becky says:

    I am in protest until you get the mad scientist banner back. I shall pickett outside of your home, be loud at all hours, and kick all your visitors squarely in the shins! Viva la … well… old banner!

  5. mahto says:

    No probs Shannon! I was ignoring the IE crowd with my nose up in the air, until I attempted to show my parents my website using their computer, and it bombed. I was really disappointed that I completely failed the impromptu usability test I held, which was to have my parents try and use my site without help… and it wasn’t possible for them to even do so!

  6. mahto says:

    We here at CiboMahto.com understand your concern, and are working quickly to resolve the issue that you presented to us in a timely and satisfactory manner. Please be advised that this process may take 1-2 weeks and that you will not receive any indications that progress is being made until everything has been finished!

    your web team

    PS I just finished re-reading Microserfs, so I will probably have time to take care of this now!

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