Sensor headphones, part 1

For a while now, I’ve been wanting a pair of headphones that automatically pause your music when you remove them. I’d been dreaming up complicated ways to do this, but my friend Kyle reminded me that it is easy and I should just do it. So, I put together a quickie project to do just so! It’s based on an OPTEK OPB606A distance sensor that I got from Jameco, which puts out a low voltage when an object is near it, and a high voltage when all is clear. I whipped together a really sketchy arduino+processing script to allow the sensor to turn the music on and off, and voilĂ , it’s done!

Well, almost. I left my headphones at work, so it will be more done tomorrow evening after I affix the sensor to them. But for now, you can whet your appetite on the circuit diagram aforementioned sketchy code, which are available after the break. Continue reading

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Robot plant

My friend and I made this Robot Plant for a build series I’ve been running over at Make. Instructions, etc can be found there! There is also a contest with some pretty fabulous prizes that you can win if you build some sort of plant yourself (and you should!).

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Shish Kebab party!

I’d probably have gotten more done if I wasn’t so busy consuming tasty meats and delicious drinks. But, what fun would that be?

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Make: Tokyo Meeting 06

Dayne Barton of Tokyo Tek put together this great summary video of Make: Tokyo Meeting 06, where he asks both Mitch Altman and myself about our favorite projects.

Other cool Make Tokyo stuff:

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Spoon Organ

Everyone likes Spoon Organ!

Spoon Organ is an instrument that I created to show at the Make Tokyo Meeting 06 this past weekend. The user can play musical tunes simply by touching a row of spoons sitting on a table, with a fork added in for good measure. A microcontroller is used to detect changes in capacitance caused by a finger pressing against the metal, which are then sent to a computer using the MIDI protocol.

The project was conceived of and created while on Hackers on a Plane 4, using spare parts from the Make It Last Build Series, cables and connectors purchased in Akihabara (thanks, Akiba!), and soldering work completed at Tokyo Hackerspace. Here is a short video of it running:

Read on for a schematic and source code.
Continue reading

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Defend the galaxy from Nick Normal in this epic space battle! Hastily made using this and this. Available for Linux, OS X, and Windows, or grab the source.

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The Badge-r


Modification to my Maker Faire badge :-)

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