Rob Mug Box

Here’s a little piece that Kyle and I put together last year, as a response to Wafaa Bilal’s 3rdi project.

The Rob/Mug Box tracks a target’s geolocation data: when the box is within range of that person, “mug” lights up; and when the box is near that person’s home, “rob” lights up. This is the first in a series of boxes designed to provide binary feedback about our complicated world.

As our first target, we chose Wafaa Bilal. In December 2010 Wafaa Bilal started a year long performance called “The 3rd I” where he broadcast one photo every minute from a camera on the back of his head. Each photo is geotagged, so we scraped this data and fed it to the Rob/Mug Box. In this video, recorded summer 2011, our agent tracked down Wafaa in a local cafe and followed him home.

The source code is of course on Github.

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