Keepon head hat

Keepon came to visit the Botcave last week, so I made him a hat that looks like his own head.

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Physical build progress meter for 3d printer

Yesterday I made this progress meter attachment for the 3d printer that I have at work, that rotates to show me how far along my print is:

Love 3d printing with your Thing-o-Matic, but wish there were a better way to see how your print is progressing? Well, today is your lucky day- if you’ve got a spare hobby servo (the one in the Unicorn works great), then you can make your very own progress gauge!

Source code and directions on Thingiverse.

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Toilet paper roll holder

Today I designed a toilet paper roll holder:

Tired of having to hunt for that roll of soft tissue every time you do your business? If only there were a fashionable hook upon which you could place this precious velvet!

Fortunately for you, oh bachelor or bachelorette, Science has heard your cries and has an answer! What you are seeking is called a toilet paper roll holder, and they are none to difficult to acquire! Sensible people would go to the store and buy a nice wooden or metal one to match their decor, but who are we kidding? You’re either desperate or have no sense of taste, so join the club and print yourself one now!

This design is inspired by Charles Pax’s filament spool holder. You’ll need a Thingomatic with a slightly taller than average (116mm+) build height in order to construct it.

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Ball Maze

Bre challenged us to make something using 3dtin. I came up with and printed this marble maze, using the ball from a bearing. Next I want to make a 3d version of the maze as a blind cube, with holes on two sides and ??? in the middle. A generative version might be even more fun…

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There was a time when the gangsta ruled the botcave. Models were downloaded, plastic was melted and re-formed, the gangsta represented, and all was rosy and cheerful.

Those days are over. The snakesta is here to stay.

I designed this snake gangster (‘snakesta‘) model by combining yzorg’s gangsa with Zomboe’s snake. For some context, the gangsta model has been a pretty popular test print at the botcave, and I love the snake model because it is flexible, so I decided to put them both together into one awesomer print. Awesome? Awesome!

I’d love a ‘put this on that’ kind of script for Thingiverse, perhaps if no one makes one I’ll try to whip up some frontend to OpenSCAD.

The lighting for this shot is a single incandescent desk lamp, maybe 1 foot from the model, with two pieces of cardboard to block all but a slit of light from passing through. I used my cell phone (!) to snap a color version of the shot, then used the GIMP to adjust color levels, convert to monochrome, and burn the edges of the image.

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10 minute project: Traffic counter for router

I’ve been joking about making a new case for my wireless router for a long time. The idea was that that would be shaped like a McDonalds store, with a little sign out front that says how many billion bytes (or whatever) have been served. Tonight, I decided to see how hard it would be to cobble together the technical portion of the project using an Asus WL-520 router running MightyOhm’s OpenWRT build and an old display that I had sitting around.

Using my python library as a reference for how to use the display, and my XML parsing script for ash, I was able to cobble together a working project quickly. My source code is after the break.

Now, to complete the vision, I just need to make some golden arches…
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Cupcake stand

I love this hyperboloid design. The cupcake was pretty good, too!

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