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Things that are technical in nature

Motion test on the camera rig

So this is what we’ve been working towards this past week. The above video is a nonsense trajectory with all four axis moving at the same time, just to show that they work. The system itself seems to be functional, … Continue reading

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Makin’ stuff with machines

This is what I’ve been up to for the past few days. Making some stepper motor mounts to retrofit a manual xy table into a stepper motor version. It’s basically just some machined aluminum standoffs, with an aluminum mounting plate … Continue reading

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Mendel Progress!

I’m building a RepRap Mendel 3d printer, using parts printed for me by my friend Marty on Makerbot 131, and hardware from ultimachine. Tonight’s project was to assemble all of the pieces that I could. I was able to get … Continue reading

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Rotation test

I made this little video to test the performance of the stepper drivers and rotary stage. The results are encouraging, except that I probably need attach the sample to the stage (it looked like it was vibrating around), and my … Continue reading

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One shield to fit them all, and in the darkness bind them

I’m working on a project which involves mechanizing some machining tables. I decided to use some surplus stepper motors and A4983 stepper motor breakout boards from Pololu to control them. Getting them to work on a protoboard was no problem, … Continue reading

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Ubuntu rocks so hard, it goes to 11

Well, it allows you to set the sound volume amplification at over 100%. Which is really handy when you are trying to listen to a quiet video on underpowered speakers. To get to this dialog, hit up System->Preferences->Sound.

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Carving foam with the Roland Modela MDX-3

I took a few moments to play with the Modela MDX-3 tabletop milling machine that has been sitting around HackPittsburgh for the last year. It turns out that it works as a character printer device, and all you need to … Continue reading

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