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Sensor headphones, part 1

For a while now, I’ve been wanting a pair of headphones that automatically pause your music when you remove them. I’d been dreaming up complicated ways to do this, but my friend Kyle reminded me that it is easy and … Continue reading

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Robot plant

My friend and I made this Robot Plant for a build series I’ve been running over at Make. Instructions, etc can be found there! There is also a contest with some pretty fabulous prizes that you can win if you … Continue reading

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Spoon Organ

Everyone likes Spoon Organ! Spoon Organ is an instrument that I created to show at the Make Tokyo Meeting 06 this past weekend. The user can play musical tunes simply by touching a row of spoons sitting on a table, … Continue reading

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LoL + Processing

On the train back from NYC to Pittsburgh, I got the idea to hook up the LoL Shield directly to my computer, so that I could develop animations for it using a desktop graphics program. Using Jay Clegg’s Video Peggy … Continue reading

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Programming the LoL Shield using animated GIFs

A couple of weeks ago, I was hacking on the LoL Shield with Nathan Rosenquist, when we realized that it was really time consuming to use the spreadsheet program to build animations. Never fear, a quick python script later and … Continue reading

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Meggy Jr Sr progress

Over the past few days, I’ve been working on completing a project thats been on my mind for a while. The idea was to build a giant version of a MeggyJr RGB pixel game kit by Evil Mad Scientists, like … Continue reading

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Cicada flyover

Bam! High-def version of the video is available here. The system looks like this:

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