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Half-formed and partially considered ideas, that I may or may not have time to actually complete. Feel free to complete them, as long as you give me credit!

Rob Mug Box

Here’s a little piece that Kyle and I put together last year, as a response to Wafaa Bilal’s 3rdi project. The Rob/Mug Box tracks a target’s geolocation data: when the box is within range of that person, “mug” lights up; … Continue reading

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StickyMan, a thought experiment in manipulating gravity

I developed StickyMan (source here ), a quickie game idea during the Baltimore Hackathon a few months ago. The question I wanted to answer was, “What if Lode Runner got stuck in an Escher painting?”. The idea is that gravity … Continue reading

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Idea: Fake lemonade stand

The idea is to bring the feel of a  slow-paced country road to an interstate highway, by placing an iconic lemonade stand in the in the center of said thoroughfare. To match the plastic aesthetic of the superhighway, however, the … Continue reading

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Idea: Multi-player frogger based on hex tile layout

The classic arcade game based around the journeys of our amphibian friend has been a favorite for decades, however the advent of fast-paced multiplayer social entertainment threatens to leave its single player design in a entertainment backwater. Inspired by the … Continue reading

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Idea: Audio instrument designed by combining many open sourced kits

The idea its to modify the MIDI VOX to accept input from both the drawdio and atari punk console, including a graphic equalizer on a lol shield with possibility of feedback into the apc, to create an instrument with maximum … Continue reading

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Idea: Synth Shirt

The synth shirt is a portable expressive instrument that you can wear on your body and perform at any moment. There are many possibilities for the design, however a good single voice version consists of a button down shirt with … Continue reading

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Idea: Hat Machine

The hat machine is capable of placing a hat on your head as you walk out the door. A successful version would be able to detect and lock onto your head as a target, and use some sort of ceiling-mounted … Continue reading

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