Physical build progress meter for 3d printer

Yesterday I made this progress meter attachment for the 3d printer that I have at work, that rotates to show me how far along my print is:

Love 3d printing with your Thing-o-Matic, but wish there were a better way to see how your print is progressing? Well, today is your lucky day- if you’ve got a spare hobby servo (the one in the Unicorn works great), then you can make your very own progress gauge!

Source code and directions on Thingiverse.

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4 Responses to Physical build progress meter for 3d printer

  1. Mariko says:

    That’s really cool. You could laser cut/engrave the progress indicators as well :)

  2. Lee says:

    Actually, I rather like the hand-written backdrop. Makes it more whimsical.

    Can I get a version that monitors my activity and tells me my progress at work? Sometimes I’d love to know when I’m close to being done with something. (Debugging multi-threaded C++ comes to mind.)

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