Toilet paper roll holder

Today I designed a toilet paper roll holder:

Tired of having to hunt for that roll of soft tissue every time you do your business? If only there were a fashionable hook upon which you could place this precious velvet!

Fortunately for you, oh bachelor or bachelorette, Science has heard your cries and has an answer! What you are seeking is called a toilet paper roll holder, and they are none to difficult to acquire! Sensible people would go to the store and buy a nice wooden or metal one to match their decor, but who are we kidding? You’re either desperate or have no sense of taste, so join the club and print yourself one now!

This design is inspired by Charles Pax’s filament spool holder. You’ll need a Thingomatic with a slightly taller than average (116mm+) build height in order to construct it.

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