There was a time when the gangsta ruled the botcave. Models were downloaded, plastic was melted and re-formed, the gangsta represented, and all was rosy and cheerful.

Those days are over. The snakesta is here to stay.

I designed this snake gangster (‘snakesta‘) model by combining yzorg’s gangsa with Zomboe’s snake. For some context, the gangsta model has been a pretty popular test print at the botcave, and I love the snake model because it is flexible, so I decided to put them both together into one awesomer print. Awesome? Awesome!

I’d love a ‘put this on that’ kind of script for Thingiverse, perhaps if no one makes one I’ll try to whip up some frontend to OpenSCAD.

The lighting for this shot is a single incandescent desk lamp, maybe 1 foot from the model, with two pieces of cardboard to block all but a slit of light from passing through. I used my cell phone (!) to snap a color version of the shot, then used the GIMP to adjust color levels, convert to monochrome, and burn the edges of the image.

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