Robot plant

My friend and I made this Robot Plant for a build series I’ve been running over at Make. Instructions, etc can be found there! There is also a contest with some pretty fabulous prizes that you can win if you build some sort of plant yourself (and you should!).

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2 Responses to Robot plant

  1. Robin J. says:

    Hey, I bet I could get one of those to live in my house. Except Lee would destroy it every time he couldn’t find his tape measure. A common question in our house is, “Robin do you know where my tape measure is?” I would have to start answering him if I had this plant, “NO, AND LEAVE MY POOR PLANT ALONE!” Either that or I would need to start moving the plant randomly around the house to hide it from him. Hmmm, I think maybe I do need this plant after all as the messing with Lee’s head could get very funny. Yes, I am that evil. Bahaha.

    • mahto says:

      Hahahahah! Perhaps you could plant a bunch of them, to grow some extra tape measures so that he doesn’t have to spend so much time looking for them :-)

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