Midwest Workshop Tour of Hackerspaces

For the rest of the month, I’m going on tour with Mitch Altman and Jimmie Rodgers as their official roadie. We’re visiting a number of hackerspaces in the Midwest, and holding soldering workshops at them. They started their journey a week ago in Canada, and I joined up with them on Sunday in Detroit. I’m planning a more in-depth series of blog posts for Make, but for now here are the pictures from the first workshops, and our schedule:

OCD (Detroit, MI): workshop on 8-August
Mt. Elliot Makerspace (Detroit, MI): workshop on 9-August
i3Detroit (Detroit, MI): workshop on 10-August
A2 MechShop (Ann Arbor, MI): visit on 11-August
AHA (Ann Arbor, MI): workshop on 12-August
LVL1/Actors Theatre (Louisville, KY): demo on 13-August
LVL1 (Louisville, KY): workshop on 14-August
Hive13 (Cincinnati, OH): presentation on 17-August
Hive13 (Cincinnati, OH): workshop on 18-August
BloomingLabs (Bloomington, IN): workshop on 19-August
Arch Reactor (St. Louis, MO): workshop on 20-August
KC Mini Maker Faire / CCCKC (Kansas City, MO): Hardware Hacking Area at Faire on 22-August
Quad Cities Co-Lab Hackerspace (Quad Cities, IA/IL): workshop on 24-August
PS:1 (Chicago, IL): workshop on 25-August
Madison BarCamp (Madison, WI): talk on hackerspaces on 28-August
Sector67 (Madison, WI): workshop on 29-August

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