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I sold my first kit!

On Wednesday, I took a big step into the world of kit making, when I designed and sold my first product! This one is called the ‘D.I.Y. Cow Kit’, and was purchased by Drew Fustini of PS1. Thanks, Drew! Unfortunately, … Continue reading

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Double resistor! What does it mean?

See here and here if this doesn’t make any sense. Source file here Fund my travels! Purchase an authentic copy of this poster for only $15, while supplies last! Includes shipping to North America!:

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How-To: Build a soldering iron stand from a coathanger

At the workshop at Blooming Labs in Bloomington, IN, we were short a couple of soldering stands. Mitch showed us this nice trick for replacement stands using a standard coat hanger and some wire cutters, so I wrote up some … Continue reading

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Idea: Fake lemonade stand

The idea is to bring the feel of a  slow-paced country road to an interstate highway, by placing an iconic lemonade stand in the in the center of said thoroughfare. To match the plastic aesthetic of the superhighway, however, the … Continue reading

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Laser sight for DSLR camera

Want to shoot photos from the hip, but having a hard time aiming? Jealous of all those hunters with their fancy targeting optics? Well, we have the solution for you- a focused coherent light source for your lens shield! Calibration … Continue reading

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Idea: Multi-player frogger based on hex tile layout

The classic arcade game based around the journeys of our amphibian friend has been a favorite for decades, however the advent of fast-paced multiplayer social entertainment threatens to leave its single player design in a entertainment backwater. Inspired by the … Continue reading

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LoL + Processing

On the train back from NYC to Pittsburgh, I got the idea to hook up the LoL Shield directly to my computer, so that I could develop animations for it using a desktop graphics program. Using Jay Clegg’s Video Peggy … Continue reading

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