Idea: Hat Machine

The hat machine is capable of placing a hat on your head as you walk out the door. A successful version would be able to detect and lock onto your head as a target, and use some sort of ceiling-mounted rig to deposit the hat in the correct orientation onto your head as you walk towards the door.

Alternatively, a machine that looks like a bottle capper could be affixed to a stationary point in your house, where you stand inside and it sticks a hat on you- this would be extra funny if the hat resembled a bottle cap.

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4 Responses to Idea: Hat Machine

  1. Have you been watching Wallace and Gromit? :-)

  2. Matthew says:

    In the LEGO Starwars game, there are hat machines sprinkled around the “lobby” areas where you select a level. I’m unable to find a photo anywhere online, so maybe I’ll bring my Wii to the shop to show you. It’s pretty hilarious.

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