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Ubuntu rocks so hard, it goes to 11

Well, it allows you to set the sound volume amplification at over 100%. Which is really handy when you are trying to listen to a quiet video on underpowered speakers. To get to this dialog, hit up System->Preferences->Sound.

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Carving foam with the Roland Modela MDX-3

I took a few moments to play with the Modela MDX-3 tabletop milling machine that has been sitting around HackPittsburgh for the last year. It turns out that it works as a character printer device, and all you need to … Continue reading

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Repairing the laser harp

In preparation for the Ann Arbor Mini Maker Faire and upcoming Make: PGH meeting, I took a look at my laser harp to figure out why many of the channels were no longer functioning correctly. My design basically consists of … Continue reading

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Controlling a tiny 7-segment display

As I was leaving the shop this evening (morning?), I noticed this neat, tiny display thingie in one of the drawers I was returning components to. It had what looked like a row of tiny 7-segment LED displays on it, … Continue reading

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