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Motion test on the camera rig

So this is what we’ve been working towards this past week. The above video is a nonsense trajectory with all four axis moving at the same time, just to show that they work. The system itself seems to be functional, … Continue reading

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ACME Spay & Neuter visits Anthrocon 2010

We visited Anthrocon 2010 to help raise awareness of the need to be spayed or neutered, which prevents unwanted offspring and leads a healthy lifestyle. We had a lot of fun handing out fliers and talking to people, and performed … Continue reading

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Makin’ stuff with machines

This is what I’ve been up to for the past few days. Making some stepper motor mounts to retrofit a manual xy table into a stepper motor version. It’s basically just some machined aluminum standoffs, with an aluminum mounting plate … Continue reading

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Mendel Progress!

I’m building a RepRap Mendel 3d printer, using parts printed for me by my friend Marty on Makerbot 131, and hardware from ultimachine. Tonight’s project was to assemble all of the pieces that I could. I was able to get … Continue reading

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Rotation test

I made this little video to test the performance of the stepper drivers and rotary stage. The results are encouraging, except that I probably need attach the sample to the stage (it looked like it was vibrating around), and my … Continue reading

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One shield to fit them all, and in the darkness bind them

I’m working on a project which involves mechanizing some machining tables. I decided to use some surplus stepper motors and A4983 stepper motor breakout boards from Pololu to control them. Getting them to work on a protoboard was no problem, … Continue reading

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Ann Arbor Mini Maker Faire 2010!

I had a great time this Saturday at the Ann Arbor Mini Maker Faire 2010! Big thanks to Bob Stack for inviting me, and to my wonderful parents for helping to man my booth (I showed off my new-and-improved laser … Continue reading

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