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Feedback: A short study on generational loss and Moiré patterns

After having great success with connecting my oscilloscope up to my computer, I figured that the camera should probably be the next thing. Since I’m a big fan of recursive things, I decided to train the camera on it’s own … Continue reading

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The “5 minute” agitator

This is why Arduino is awesome: 5 minutes, some junk, instant PCB etching agitator! Confused about whats going on here? Basically Matt Stultz, my fellow cohort at Hack Pittsburgh, was etching a custom PCB breakout board and got tired of … Continue reading

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The Mid-Atlantic Mini Maker Faire

Oh yeah, something about we took a field trip to the Mid-Atlantic Mini Maker Faire this past weekend :-). Full photoset here. Sweet photo of us by Matthew Forr.

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Controlling a Rigol oscilloscope using Linux and Python

After many frustrated nights trying to debug electronics projects blindly (the analog scope is wayyyy too much work to pull off the shelf and use), I decided it was time to spring for a digital storage oscilloscope. Since I had … Continue reading

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Midway:Booth @ CMU Spring Carnival 2010

I had the good fortune to check out Midway:Booth, part of the 2010 Spring Carnival at Carnegie Mellon University. Combining the best features of an art installation and a fun house, these booths (really, calling them miniature pavilions would be … Continue reading

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A short link to nearly nowhere

It occurred to me today that sic’ing url shortener services on each other to create an infinite loop would be funny. If you aren’t familiar, these are sites that can take a long url (such as and convert it … Continue reading

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Homebrew flash triggers using xBee radios

A year and a half ago, I started dabbling with using off-camera flash units, in order to exact better control over the lighting in my photographs. Of course, to do this, I had to invest in some equipment. I was … Continue reading

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