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Building a wall for a workshop

We spent the greater part of the day building out a wall to section off the workshop area at Hack Pittsburgh. This is how it went!

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Design idea: Parrot wire strippers

Seriously, is anyone marketing tools like this?

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Converting an old organ to MIDI

You might remember that some years ago, I found a discarded organ and brought it home. Well, it sat around for a year, then I converted it to MIDI, then I moved across the country and only brought the keyboards, … Continue reading

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Building an Atari Punk Console kit

Matt, Andy and I built our Atari Punk Console kits tonight, so that we are ready for Synth Night 2 at Hack Pittsburgh. Hope to see you there! Video encoding deets after the break.

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Old project: Intellaboy, a portable Intellivision

Here’s a project I made back in 2006: a portable Intellivision. I took a cheapo LCD TV and combined it with a 25-in-1 Intellivision game toy, and managed to cram the whole thing into the shell of a broken gameboy. … Continue reading

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Aluminum shaft with captive ring

Lathe experiment #2, machined out of a piece of solid aluminum rod. Basically, the ring is stuck because it was carved out of the rod. A collaboration with Matt Stultz.

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Results from Passport Photo Night @HackPittsburgh

I think they came out well, though obviously not all of them are actually for passport photos. I ended up using a single flash, camera left through an umbrella, with a metal reflector to the right of the camera. If … Continue reading

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