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Spinner Synth, Part 2

Here are some photos of my second spinner synth prototype. I’ll make up a video demonstration soooon. Click any of the photos for a larger version. Also, it’s short because it is for children

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Arduino on 64-bit Linux

UPDATE: The official release of Arduino now includes a 64-bit version, I suggest you use that one. After bemoaning the lack of a 64-bit version of the last few Arduino releases, and the subsequent hoops that had to be followed … Continue reading

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Sideways Tetris prototype

This is a little prototype game that I made to answer the question: What if tetris was played on a hill? Tetris theme is as performed by me on a synth. You can download the game here (requires python and … Continue reading

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Spinner Synth Prototype

The Spinner Synth is a MIDI controller made with a piece of scrap wood, a webcam and some tape. I’d been meaning to mess around with a visualization library for a while, and this seemed like a great reason to … Continue reading

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