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Proposal: Fire Visualizer

This system is designed to impose a sense of immediacy upon critical tasks that have strong, real-life consequences but unfortunately lack direct visual feedback until it is too late (ie, paying bills on time, submitting applications, etc)

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I got up extra early early this morning (but not quite early enough) to watch the sunrise from Mt. Washington. Here is a time lapse video I made of the event: Technical details after the break.

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I made up a couple of dishes for dinner tonight: Mustard greens with bamboo shoots and shitake mushrooms Ingredients: Mustard Greens Sliced Bamboo Shoots Shitake Mushrooms Green onions Olive oil Soy Sauce Directions: Soak mushrooms in warm water for ~30 … Continue reading

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Articulated Arm Prototype

Here is a little prototype that I am working on to learn about the shop that I will be building my installation in. I used a few pieces of scrap wood and some wire to attempt to make an articulating … Continue reading

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Lamp Phone Concept

What would the lamp say if it could talk? Will it share it’s deepest secrets with you? Spread gossip about the appliances next door? Do you have to whisper reassuring words to it at night, because it is afraid of … Continue reading

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The Salvation Arm

There it stood, reaching out through the grit and rubble of the tired city, offering a ray of hope to a forgotten soul. Special thanks to Jen for lending me a… er, helping out.

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Attention: Nerdcore fans in Michigan! Frontalot Appearance Immanent!

(Creative Commons photo by Flickr user quinnums) That’s right, Mr. Frontalot himself will be descending upon Detroit for *two* shows, a screening of the documentary Nerdcore Rising, *and* a Q&A about the movie! I was already thinking about driving up … Continue reading

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