Spaghetti Monster

Spaghetti Monster

The Spaghetti Monster can sometimes be found haunting kitchens and sipping on sauces. Because of this, it is not considered a welcome guest in the home. However, the lucky person who succeeds in catching one is often rewarded with a tasty meal:

Also, Happy Birthday to me!

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4 Responses to Spaghetti Monster

  1. Julien Tee says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY TOOOOO YOUUUUU … alles Gute zum Burzeltag wünsche ich dir aus Freiburg (200 km südlich von Stuttgart).
    Have a nice Day and a gooood and tasty Meal. :)
    Greez Thommy

  2. Lee says:

    Spaghetti for your birthday? How very pastafarian of you!

    Very cool dinner plate. This is why my wife doesn’t let me pick out dishware. :)

  3. mahto says:

    Hehe, Thanks Lee! The plate is actually a gift from my mom. She’s an EE as well!

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