Upcoming things in the Phoenix area

Looking for cool things to do out here? Here are some events that shouldn’t be missed:
* Oct. 29th: Ignite Phoenix (that’s tonight!): 19 presenters are given 5 minutes each to give lightning talks about something they feel strongly about. I went to the last one and it was a blast! Event Details
* Nov. 9th: All Souls Procession in Tucson: They will have activities all weekend, however the main Parade will take place on Sunday at 6PM. Event Details
* Nov. 12th, 15th: 999 Eyes Freakshow: The ‘last genuine traveling freakshow in the United States’ will be visiting Arizona this month, and stopping in Phoenix on the 12th, Flagstaff on the 13th, and Tucson on the 15th. I met some of the members at Maker Faire and they got me pretty excited about the show. Event Details
* Nov. 15th: Conspire Anniversary Block Party: Conspire, a cool art collective downtown, is celebrating their 1 year anniversary by throwing a party! Event details

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