October Thing-a-day, Day 9: Pinhole Camera

Note: these next few posts are going to be a bit out of order because I worked on them in parallel today. I still have some catching up to do…
Pinhole camera
I’ve been wanting to make a pinhole camera for a while, so today I made one. I chose to use photographic paper instead of film so that it would be easier to process, and ‘printed’ the negatives by making a contact exposure onto another piece of photographic paper. Here is the result of a two minute exposure:
pinhole positive

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2 Responses to October Thing-a-day, Day 9: Pinhole Camera

  1. anon says:

    Do you have to paint everything in black? And does the tape have to be in black too?

    • mahto says:

      Everything should be as dark as possible, to help absorb light that filters into the camera. If it’s gray or something dark you are probably ok, but anything light colored will reduce contrast in the photos.

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