October Thing-a-day, Day 8: Prepping bottles (photo)

Cleaning Bottles
I had to strip the labels off of a bunch of bottles to prepare for beer bottling tomorrow night, and I ended up capturing this. I stood on top of the counter, and flattened the perspective by holding the camera as far away from the sink as possible and using the zoom lens (18-55mm) to frame the shot. An off-camera flash (SB-600) was used to light the shot, and was diffused as much as possible by shooting it through a couple of layers of tissue paper and then bouncing it off of the ceiling. And shh, don’t tell anyone, but I applied a darkroom technique when processing the photo, using the burn tool in GIMP to darken the highlights in the center and add a slight vignetting to the corners of the image. Previously, I would probably have just painted in translucent corners on another layer, but the burn tool seems to be much nicer.

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2 Responses to October Thing-a-day, Day 8: Prepping bottles (photo)

  1. Thommy says:

    Wow, I like that shot. Great !!

  2. mahto says:

    Thanks Thommy :-D

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