October Thing-a-day, Day 3: Intersection (self portrait)

More experimentation with slow shutter speeds. The scene was exposed for 1.3 seconds, with me standing still during the process. I used a remote to fire the shot. The photo turned out ok, but it isn’t as interesting as I had hoped for. I think part of the issue is that I am too bright compared to everyone else- to solve this, I could walk for part of the exposure and then stop in place.

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2 Responses to October Thing-a-day, Day 3: Intersection (self portrait)

  1. Thommy says:

    Hej Matt, I like this photo =) .. great shot.

  2. Chris says:

    You could also try increasing the f stop if it’s important that your static in the picture. but I think it might make a cool picture if one of the blurred people stopped and stared at the camera.

    Still, great photo!

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