October Thing-a-day, Day -1: Bed Racers print

This is a test print for my “motion and time” assignment. I really enjoy this technique- the trick is to use a low shutter speed (1/30 in this case), and pan the camera to follow the subject along the frame. I found it best to start following them, press the shutter while continuing to pan, and following through with the motion until after the shutter closes. I also recommend practicing on a digital camera before dropping too much film on this technique. Note that this isn’t a great example of the technique, but it is the best I have captured on film so far.
Bed racers

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2 Responses to October Thing-a-day, Day -1: Bed Racers print

  1. Chris says:


    Are you using a tripod as well or is it easier to just follow the subject?

  2. mahto says:

    Thanks! I have been doing them hand-held. The camera motion has to be very smooth, so unless you have an excellent tripod head (not me!), my guess is that would be too jerky.

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