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Local DNS with dnsmasq

I just noticed that OpenWrt uses dsnmasq to provide DNS caching. This is all well and good, but extremely un-interesting. It does have a really cool feature though: it gives DHCP-configured clients (and anything in the router’s hosts file) dns … Continue reading

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Rotary dialer app

This is a bit of an overextension of the phone interface metaphore… This is really rough code for now, but I wanted to show something. Code (in python using pygtk) is here. Wait till you see the mail application, where … Continue reading

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XML ‘parsing’ using only Bash

I’m working on setting up my wireless router (running OpenWRT) as an ethernet-to-xBee gateway: The basic plan is just to connect an xBee module to one of the serial ports (which run at 3.3v anyway), and write a smaller daemon … Continue reading

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