While walking around some outdoor mall yesterday, it occurred to me that I don’t actually hate to shop. I’m just not looking in the right places. With that in mind, I headed down to First Friday tonight and found a new shirt with no problem. Hurrah!
New shirt!

Also, I pulled out my old mp3 player (circa 2003) and was amused to find some music on it. As an experiment, I re-created the list as a YouTube playlist.

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4 Responses to Shopping

  1. Thommy says:

    Nice Shirt. =)

  2. mahto says:

    Thanks Thommy! I was thinking of registering the domain name as well-

  3. Intosia says:

    Nice shirt indeed, and “the postal service – such great heights” great song :D

  4. mahto says:

    Thanks Intonsia!

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