Thing-a-Day, Day 29: Photos, Thanks!

No technical project today because I have people sleeping next to my workspace :-). Instead, we went to the Desert Botanical Garden and took some pictures.

I am quite glad that I participated in the Thing-a-Day project! The whole experience was very positive, and I really enjoyed the encouragement and feedback from all of you. I will continue building and blogging at my site, though I might take a few days off now and then.

Thank you Mouna Andraos, Mohit SantRam and Steve Lambert for setting up and offering Thing-a-Day!

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2 Responses to Thing-a-Day, Day 29: Photos, Thanks!

  1. Tom says:

    I really enjoyed your arduino projects. And I hope to see more, even though thing-a-day is done.

  2. mahto says:

    Thanks Tom! I appreciate it. I’ll certainly keep working on stuff, and those Arduino projects are lots of fun!

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