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Phoenix DIY: Meeting Six

Almost forgot, the 6th meeting is tomorrow! Two cool presentation, lots of free goodies! See you there! Mention this ad, and make me happy! What: Phoenix DIY 6 When: Wednesday, March 26 7:30pm Where: Conspire Phoenix 901 N 5th St … Continue reading

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Controlling a clock with an Arduino

Update: The Arduino system is fine; the only thing you have to take into consideration is the 9.54 hour rollover event, which Rob Faludi has provided an excellent solution for here. I made up a nice little over-analysis of the … Continue reading

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Wii bootloader hack

Just saw this today, it is pretty exciting! Here is the tetris game running on my system: Instructions are here. The tetris game is from here. Update: There are a few more programs here. First to port Shark! Shark! to … Continue reading

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OLED display

I was discussing LCD display options for projects with a friend, when I remembered that I bought this nice OLED display (possibly even pre-ordered it?) years ago, and never bothered to actually hook it up. Thus, tonights project. The display … Continue reading

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Hacking a camera flash

I was thinking about making a slave flash for my camera, and came across this post, which talks about re-purposing a disposable camera for just this purpose. Sounds good to me! I pulled out an old camera and extracted the … Continue reading

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Thing-a-Day, Day 29: Photos, Thanks!

No technical project today because I have people sleeping next to my workspace :-). Instead, we went to the Desert Botanical Garden and took some pictures. I am quite glad that I participated in the Thing-a-Day project! The whole experience … Continue reading

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