Thing-a-day, Day 10: Black light

Today, I invented a black light. This could be useful for things such as hiding messes when someone you want to impress comes over, shooting film noir during the day, or growing mushrooms. It works by selectively emitting radiation that modulates the emission spectrum of the target material, effectively creating a band-stop filter over the 400-700nm range (or, perhaps it is just a doctored photo.) Here is a picture of the system prototype:

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4 Responses to Thing-a-day, Day 10: Black light

  1. Jim says:

    Haha, this is hilarious man- Keen sent me your site link today. Hope all is well with you!

  2. mahto says:

    Heya Jim, Thanks! I hope you are doing well too!

  3. z collins says:

    This is great, could you provide a little insight on what you did? Was the lamp modified? The bulb? Anything you add to this would be great. thanks
    -z collins

  4. mahto says:

    Well, the key to that one is the doctored photo bit. I took pictures with and without the lamp on, subtracted the difference between them (to give an approximation of the light coming from the lamp), then subtracted that from the picture with the lamp off. We are very certain that its not possible to do- apparently one of my friends was very concerned by it for a while though :-)

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