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Thing-a-day, Day 16: Excuses

The only thing I created on Day 16 was a hangover. It turns out that one is not supposed to ignore the strong in the name Strong Beer Festival. Which, one should have become aware of when the first morsel … Continue reading

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MATSURI : A Festival of Japan (Feb. 23-24, 2008)

Matsuri: A Festival of Japan is a yearly celebration of Japanese culture in downtown Phoenix. It’s coming up this next weekend. See for more details. COME JOIN US …for the 24th anniversary celebration that is Japan! Saturday and Sunday, … Continue reading

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Thing-a-day, Day 15: Vibrating robot

This one doesn’t really do anything useful. I call it the battery waster. Basically, its just abusing the solenoid by putting the battery contact in line with the actuator rod, so that when it turns off, the rod is pushed … Continue reading

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How many unique bits in a seven segment display?

The Problem A friend of mine is working on a project that involves reading data from the seven-segment display of another device. I was thinking about this over dinner, and started to wonder whether you need to read all of … Continue reading

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Thing-a-day, Day 14: Double slit experiment

I’ve always wanted to try replicating this experiment, but I’ve never had a laser or the patience at the same time. I was frustrated with myself for not being able to adequately explain why its not possible to make a … Continue reading

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Thing-a-day, Day 13: LED people

Happy Valentine’s day! I came home from the store last night and promptly fell asleep, so I am officially running about 12 hours behind now. Anyway, these two little creatures blink when you put them in each others arms.

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Thing-a-day, Day 12: Snake game

I re-purposed the display I made earlier to act as a snake game. It’s not perfect but it’s a good start. Code is after the break. Photos here.

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