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Thing-a-day, Day 28: Photo Wall

My parents are coming to visit so I am trying to straighten up my place. I hung some pictures on my wall for a project today… Right now, they are just taped up, but as soon as I find me … Continue reading

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Thing-a-day, Day 27: Remote Trigger for Powershot S3

Canon did not include a remote trigger option in this camera, however there are many times when I have wanted one. Recently, though, the CHDK people figured out that you can use the USB port on the camera as a … Continue reading

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Thing-a-day, Day 26: Pan/Tilt mount for Marshmallow Gun

Today I continued work on the Automatic Marshmallow gun. I tried a couple of designs, and ended up with what appears to be a pretty solid base to build on. Note that this is a work in progress. The steppers … Continue reading

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PhoenixDIY: Meeting 5 is February 28th@7:00pm

Live in the Phoenix Metro area? Come on out this Thursday! Thursday night is the February meeting for Phoenix DIY!! We’ll be meeting at 7:00 at Conspire, in Phoenix. Please bring anything you’d like to share (food, drinks, ideas, no … Continue reading

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Cool ideas for robots

I found a couple of cool things people are doing with robotics that I wanted to get down before I forgot: Roland Strauss is a neurobiologist who applys biological concepts to robotics in order to test theories and explore new … Continue reading

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Thing-a-day, Day 25: Automatic Marshmallow Gun

Today I started work on an automatic marshmallow gun. The idea is to automate a marshmallow gun by using a can of compressed cleaning gas as a propellant, and to mount the whole thing on a pan/tilt mount so that … Continue reading

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Thing-a-day, Day 24: Fire!

I was angry with my PC today so I did what any decent geek would do: I lit it on fire! To achieve a long exposure shot on my Powershot S3, I used a recent build of the CHDK firmware … Continue reading

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