Upgrage to Gutsy Gibbon: Success!

I finished upgrading to gutsy gibbon (from feisty fawn) yesterday. The whole thing went quite smoothly. There were only two things that tripped me up. The first was something in my firefox configuration that prevented it from working correctly. I’m going to blame that one on the flash plugin (32bit plugin on the 64bit system is hairy at best), but it could have been something else. The upshot is that there isn’t much magic in getting it to work again. I wiped my firefox profole (mv ~/.mozilla ~/.mozilla.back), and that let me run it. I then did some extensive web searching and found the easiest solution to reinstall the plugin:

nspluginwrapper -v -a -i

(thanks codeside.org), and it worked smashingly. I have yet to restore my bookmarks, but to be honest i don’t use them anymore- i use an rss reader (liferea) to read most sites these days.

The other problem I am seeing is with some daemon that runs when I log in, and which sits and eats up lots of system resources. I am assuming its some kind of indexing program, but I killed the process so I probably won’t know until next reboot.

Thanks guys!

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