Poor Man’s Jacob’s Ladder

Here is a simple Jacob’s Ladder design that uses the transformer from a florescent tube. I fed it with 25V by putting a 20V supply in series with a 5V supply (its too bad the 40V one is out of commission!). I added a Gabriel electrode at the bottom to help start the spark. This work well to start the spark, however tended to stay stuck in one position. To remedy this I pointed an old cooling fan at it to get the air to move. There are a couple of pictures here.

Poll for ye who read my blog: Do you like having videos embedded in my posts, or would you prefer pictures and links to videos?

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2 Responses to Poor Man’s Jacob’s Ladder

  1. Becky Stern says:

    I like the embedded videos. I actually wish I could comment right from my RSS reader. =]

  2. mahto says:

    Ok, videos it is then! Thanks for the reply. I would like commenting from my RSS reader as well- I saw some rumblings about a standard for that actually existing, but that no one supported it. If you know of any plugins let me know :-)

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