PhoenixDIY: Meeting 4 is January 24th@7:30pm

This time around, we are having a workshop on the venerable 555 timer. If you’ve never soldered before or perhaps need a bit more hands-on experience to kickstart your geek career, come check it out! But be right quick and head on over to sign up soon, for there are only 15 seats.

What: Phoenix DIY meeting
When: Thursday, January 24th, 2008, 7:30pm
Where: 901 N 5th St., Phoenix (NE corner of Garfield and 5th St.) (map)

$$$: $5 for kit of parts

Thanks to Conspire Phoenix for hosting us at their gallery!

The meeting will be a workshop, and space is limited to 15 participants. Please email becky[at] to get on the list. Please bring snacks to share.

The workshop: Learn to solder while building a small circuit with a 555 timer to blink two lights. Don’t worry if you don’t know what a 555 timer is, or if you’ve never soldered before, that’s what the workshop is for! A kit of all needed parts will be provided at a cost of $5. If you have a soldering iron and/or any electronics tools (small pliers, wire strippers, and the like), please bring them to share.

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