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The Importance of Being Earnest

The Importance of Being Earnest, a play by Oscar Wilde, is going on at the Peoria Center for the Performing Arts this weekend and next. I’m not much of a theatre buff, but I really enjoyed this last time I … Continue reading

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Advice on how to be creative

I enjoyed this career advice from Hugh MacLeod. It sounds like he might be writing a book on the subject, I hope he does! Here are some opening thoughts, by no means a definitive list: 1. Add 25% to amount … Continue reading

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Upgrage to Gutsy Gibbon: Success!

I finished upgrading to gutsy gibbon (from feisty fawn) yesterday. The whole thing went quite smoothly. There were only two things that tripped me up. The first was something in my firefox configuration that prevented it from working correctly. I’m … Continue reading

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Steering wheel remote control!

I finally got around to converting the remote control that came with my new car stereo into a steering-wheel mounted controller. The idea is pretty straightforward; I broke open the remote control and soldered in remote switches in parallel with … Continue reading

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Wie war ich?

I thought this was great: The man is saying, “So? How was I?” and the woman responds “Read my blog!” update: There is an earlier (original?) version here (thanks to Thommy)

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WiiMote ‘touch screen’ in Linux!

I swore i would finish something else before I tried this, but anyway i managed to get this thing more or less working tonight. I am running Ubuntu 7.04, using a Kensington bluetooth dongle, the Wiimote drivers and the electronic … Continue reading

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Wii hacks and hacks using Wii parts

Thought these were interesting: (apparently) some dudes extracted the key for Wii game encryption by shorting memory address lines out while in GameCube mode: (via boingboing) Johnny Lee demonstrates how to turn the Wiimote around and use its IR camera … Continue reading

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